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Dirty Power?

Is your equipment down again?
Lexicon MedParts has the answer.

Clean Power is Just the Beginning

About Our Product

Medical Power Filters

Lexicon MedParts Medical Power Filter (MPF) utilizes a hybrid approach with proprietary and patented technology to mitigate the damaging effects of Dirty Power. The result reduces electrical stress and provides proven improvements in reliability for MRIs, CTs, PETs, Digital X-Rays and other imaging equipment, as well as biomedical and laboratory equipment.



Dirty Power Occurrences

Thousands of undetected surges occur in a busy medical facility every hour during normal operations. These surges cause excessive wear and tear on equipment leading to costly repairs, intermittent performance issues, and premature board failures.



A study of five medical facilities over a two-year period reported a 50% reduction in service calls with a 70% reduction in downtime related to the service calls on imaging systems. The MPF recognizes voltage surges that other power quality equipment do not properly mitigate.


The MPF is UL Listed/Approved and is being used in medical facilities across the United States. It has been designed to be used safely in clinical areas and is easily retrofitted to the disconnect panel by facility engineering.


Lexicon MedParts MPF is a practical and affordable solution for preventing damage to medical equipment due to dirty power. The MPF resets automatically and requires no periodic maintenance or battery packs.  It comes with a 25-year unlimited replacement warranty.

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